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Special Effects Production

Design and Production

Do you require VISUAL EFFECTS for a show or production ? 

Not quite sure how to go about achieving the MAGIC ?

We have a team of stage illusion designers & effects experts right here at Firework Events.   

From a simple flash & puff of smoke…

for a pantomime Genie appearance, to something completely out of the ordinary, like the levitation of a Ferrari, or making a herd of Elephants vanish!


… to Ground-Breaking Special Effects

Whatever your THEATRICAL SPECIAL EFFECTS requirements, give us a call, we’re pretty confident that we’ll be able to create a working method for you….

We Make Magic Happen…

From dreams to reality…..

Behind the Scenes

There’s a lot you don’t see goes on here at Fireworks Events, our firework displays take many man hours to prepare before we even arrive on site, want to know what goes on behind the scenes?

Behind the Scenes